Thursday, 17 November 2011

Winter ride-around

After Oktoberfest I was planning on resting for a week or so, this never really happened, I just enjoyed more social rides, trips to Cheddar and Quantocks have provided nice rides whilst exploring new places. I have been getting back into longer rides to keep on top of things during the colder months, I invested in a garmin edge which has helped spread my wings further afield.

For next year I have been offered sponsorship from a new and exciting local frame building school, will post more details once everything has been settled, but feeling happy about my choice which should help keep going through the winter.

For the time being i'm riding my new winter bike regularly, the Singular Swift feels different, but still nice compared to the Niner, both steel but the Niner feels more racey and precise, maybe its the carbon fork and negative stem, compared to the riser stem and steel fork of the Singular Swift.

I have been getting help with a proper training plan, the thought scares me but to make more gains in performance I need a more scientific approach to build strength and speed etc.

Next race is the first Gorrick Brass Monkeys, should be a blast and they always have fun course =)


  1. Nice looking winter "hack"! Looking forward to seeing the new bike :-)

  2. Thanks Rob, new frame will be fillet brazed by Brian Curtis =) sticking to the steel roots