Saturday, 7 January 2012

Christmas, Base and Jay Bars

So another year survived, I had a productive bike riding christmas, getting out on a few nearly 50milers, exploring a few areas near me that i had overlooked in the past. Having a GPS has helped me ride to areas i'd normally have got lost trying to find, but i still try and avoid loosing the course line, i it doesn't have a map, so can't explore too much, i found this to my peril at swinley forest where i tried riding a route i'd found online. bloody hard on a 1 x 1" screen!

I'm trying to ride lots of base miles so i've entered a challenge on Endomondo from a forum i use quite a lot, it shows just how much some people ride!

I've been experimenting with odd shaped handlebars, whilst racing at Kielder 100miles single speed legend Dan Treby flew past me on a climb still sitting in the saddle, he uses the same strange bars so thought i'd try them. They make getting up really steep climbs easier as your body is positioned better, and i can get up climbs seated easier as you can use your upper body more. They work well on technical single track as you get more leverage. So far i like them, shape they weigh 0.4kg =/

Hopefully in the next few weeks I will get my official introduction from my sponsors and support then work out where i'm racing this year!

Someone sent me a cool suuuuper wide angle photo from a race, looks like i'm a small boy riding my dads bike, but i like it =)
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