Tuesday, 4 March 2014

"Spring" Update

It has been a few weeks since i've written anything on here, so whilst i'm taking a bit of time out to recover from overdoing it, and before I head off again for another riding break, here's a blog.

KTM team launch, I headed to Cwm Carn in Wales for a day of riding, chatting and photography, here is a few snaps courtesy of Oli Jepsom and Anthony Pease. It was a fun day, I've still a few reservations about riding in a team but i'm sure it'll work out.

I've not been racing that much, with a long season ahead i'd rather hit the ground running with my long races, rather than loose weekends racing non-important xc races. I did race the 6th round of the Off Camber series, managing a respectable 3rd place despite an 85mile road ride the day before and my rear brake going pop half way through. I will be at the first round of the Southern XC series

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