Monday, 3 November 2014

Progress........and a change of direction

I hadn't realised it had been so long since i'd written anything on here, so what have I been up to in the cycling world? I competed in my first road race, a nice hilly route in the Purbecks near Poole, I enjoyed myself, I was never going to worry the big boys but I had some fun, tried a breakaway and showed the roadies how its possible to corner on a road bike. I didn't ride my mountain bike for the whole of September, I wasn't feeling right in myself with other things that were going on and I had damaged my calf muscle from the effects of not recovering properly after Bontrager, I was ordered off the bike for 1 week, but this was really 2 weeks, but then I probably needed the rest having never really stopped riding in 3 years.
Road race debut

So i'm back in training now, I've had two races both ending with DNF's which is frustrating, first was unavoidable due to a crash caused by another racer, the second may have been avoidable but I don't want to dwell on it. Hopefully my run of bad luck is over and I get back to normal service!

My training has altered these last 3 weeks to include running and swimming.......since Bontrager I haven't felt I can apply myself to just cycling anymore, it was pretty much two years preparation and with it going so well I don't feel I need to repeat it anytime soon, so I've set myself a new challenge of trying some triathlons in 2015. This will take some work, my swimming is average at best and my running must progress slowly to avoid injuries, but I was crap at cycling to start with but now at least I'm fit and I can handle the training load and time constraints. I intend to carry on racing my mountain bike as it'll make a tri bike leg a doddle and it'll keep me sharp for Xterra in August, I don't think the lack of miles will hold me back too much, i'll just have to focus and suffer to a higher level when I do ride, instead of just going for a pootle. I'm feeling the most driven in months and looking forward to seeing what happens, but its not end of my mountain bike racing.

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