Monday, 19 December 2011

Physios & Gorrick Brass Monkey's Rd.2

I have been suffering from sore hips and groin muscle's so after have a few days off riding i decided to visit a local physio, we had a good chat, she stretched me around and informed me my hips may not last forever,  does anybodies!? and I need to improve my stomach muscles, other than that she felt I was ok to race. so as soon as i escaped the physio i went for a 3hr ride, then a 2hr ride the day after.

The day after was the 2nd Gorrick Brass Monkeys, it was 4 degrees and icey, but the course was dry and fast. The start was slower than expected so I moved to near the front, I did my usual of attacking on the hills to clear the traffic and was comfortably in the top 10, this lasted 3 laps, after that just seemed to loose power, suffered on the hills and just felt tired, I did another 2 laps before calling it a day, had time for a 6th lap but decided to save myself from a slow recovery. 20th in the end.

Next round isn't till the 22nd of january so I have time to recovery and get some endurance and speed back before deciding on events to aim at.

some nice pics from the race here, must buy some soon

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  1. Damn! Sorry to hear that. Lots of that going round at the moment. Recover quick and recover strong.

    You're all doing it wrong though: December is a month for playing in the woods on bikes, eating both mince pies and satsumas in huge quantities, plenty of other months for racing ;-)