Thursday, 16 January 2014

Looking ahead to 2014

Since my last post I completed the Rapha Festive500k over christmas, 310miles in 5 days, I also raced the 3rd round of the Gorrick Brass Monkey's, It was my second race as part of the KTM Mtb UK race team and it was the first race on my new 2014 race bike, the KTM Myroon 29er. Initial impressions are that the frame has snappy acceleration, it feels very efficient and the slightly smaller frame size make it feel more manoeuverable, i'll write a longer review once i've spent more time on it.
Yes the saddle is high, i've long legs

Back to the race.... I warmed up well, got a good start, but the big boys are too strong for me! I settled into the middle of the pack. The course was muddy, but solid in most areas, apart from a nasty slog over a moorland, but with plenty of fun single track. I was top 10, riding well with a Certini rider, we'd yo yo positions but eventually I dropped him, the last lap felt comfortable and I tried to pick off a few riders, as is my current racing style, I caught sight of 7th place, 10meters before the finish! 8th will do, not entirely happy but competition has been fierce this year, despite several top class riders missing.

I will miss the last round as i'm heading to the sunshine of Lanzarote for the Club Lasanta 4 day stage race, it'll be a new experience for me, but i'm not treating the race result as the be all and end all, its a dose of sunshine to get me through the winter.
On my return i'll be getting through the winter, by aiming at some xc races, with other adventures to follow.
Thanks to my new Sponsors for 2014: KTM Bikes, Four4th Lights,Torq Energy and Continental Tyres, and for the continuing patience and training expertise from Francesca Bennett

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